Bandung Floating Market. Lembang Floating Market (english version)

Bandung Floating Market. Lembang Floating Market (english version)
Floating market in Bandung? Yeah right floating market in Bandung. Surely you can not believe this news. It seems impossible but it is real, there is now a floating market in Bandung. No need to go to foreign countries to enjoy the floating market as well as in Bandung there. Now it has built a floating market located precisely in Lembang Bandung.
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Like the floating market that is in other places, the floating market in Bandung also has a lot of traders. Merchants selling various kinds of food here. The food sold here taste very good. You can find many kinds of food from the food you normally encounter in other to strange foods.

Glad to be traveled to the floating markets bandung. City center of is located, only takes one to two hours drive from the city of Bandung. We went towards the north to the city of Bandung, Lembang. Previously, this floating market is a natural lake. Formerly a fishing spot. Now being used as a floating market tour

First time entry feels very spacious and has a beautiful view. Surrounded by beautiful green hills. We can play water bike here. In addition there is a motor boat here too. You can rent a boat to circumnavigate the lake. In the middle of the lake you can buy a variety of foods.

Wajib lihat Taman Batu Floating Market
Before you can shop here you must change money into coins. You can shop with this coin. Coins can not be redeemed for cash back. Buy a coin to taste. In addition to buying the coins, you can also use the "BCA Flash". Only coins are considered a valid means of exchange.

Around the lake there are many buildings that are very unique and interesting. The building is home joglo antique Javanese traditional. Being here is like being in the middle of nowhere. Home "joglo" make the atmosphere becomes very antique. Even using a design house shack "joglo" lembang in this floating market. When the mandatory bandung bandung come to this floating market. Very sad when it went to bandung but did not come to the floating markets lembang.

At the floating markets bandung you can enjoy the beautiful gardens. Along the way there are ornamental flowers and ornamental plants. Ornamental plants are very beautiful. Cool eye. In the floating market was deliberately planted with large trees as well. Large trees were imported from Central Java and East Java. A large tree in the floating market bandung atmosphere adds to the beauty.

The yard park you can find a large bus that has been modified into a bus-shaped boat. You can ride this boat for free today. I do not know how long the bus is free. Bus shaped boat around the lembang you deliver. You will be invited to the curd shopping Glow lembang and factory outlets.
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